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It takes a courageous community to make a lasting impact on sexual assault here at UMBC and beyond. Change requires the courage to speak out, to listen, to learn, and to take action. We are grateful for the courage of community members who have shared their experiences of sexual assault and harassment. We must fully live our campus values — inclusive excellence, collaboration, innovation, and impact — to make UMBC a safer, more caring living, learning, and working environment for all. We commit to reach together and do better because this urgent work impacts us all.

The UMBC community is having important conversations about the prevention of and response to sexual violence/misconduct, and its impact on campus safety and wellbeing. We are proud of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni for sharing their experiences and working to help UMBC live out our values. We are taking action on what we learn together, developing a productive dialogue, and creating a coordinated campus response to incidents of sex discrimination and sexual violence/misconduct—a response that is proactive, caring, and transparent.

Lasting change requires both short- and long-term work. We want to hear your perspectives on how we can do this work together. Please contact the Faculty and Staff Advisory Committee or the Student Advisory Committee to share feedback, to volunteer, or to share additional recommendations or ideas. You can share feedback anonymously via Google form (see sidebar on left). The Retriever Courage website will be updated with information and community voices as our collaborative work continues. Please check our Updates and Get Involved pages and our Retriever Courage myUMBC group for the latest information and ways to stay engaged.