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Counseling Center hires new staff

May 7, 2019 9:53 AM

Director of Health and Counseling Bruce Herman announced that three new staff members will be joining the Counseling Center, while two current staff members are taking on new roles.

New Counseling Center sexual assault services and case manager/referrals coordinator positions were funded partially in response to recommendations from students, faculty, and staff for more resources.

The new staff members will begin this summer: Dr. Kevin Tabb, psychologist (July 8); Dr. Ginger Armas, psychologist and Counseling Center sexual assault services coordinator (Aug. 19); and Dr. Alayna Berkowitz, assistant director of outreach and mental health promotion (July 8).

In addition, Dr. Soonhee Lee was promoted to assistant director, training director of the Counseling Center. She previously served as interim assistant director. Sam Chan will be starting in a permanent position as a case manager/referrals coordinator on May 20.

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